Born as a bet between heart and sound, ECHOES gathered musicians with different soul vibrations . Their music is a gift to all that breathes. Their sound appeals to a large variety of music fans. It perfectly combines the Pop, Pop Rock, Groove with Funk vibes.

The band took shape in 2018, two weeks later they reached the Romanian Eurovision Final with their debut song “Mirror”. The band’s success was achieved through hard work, perseverance and love of music.

our discography

2019 is a big year for ECHOES. They are planning to launch their first album “Vibrate” and to go on their first tour across the country and abroad. Their plan is to get their music closer to the friends and fans.

our discography

2019 is a big year for ECHOES. They are planning to launch their first album “Vibrate” and to go on their first tour across the country and abroad. Their plan is to get their music closer to the friends and fans.

About Us

Liviu Elekes


Liviu Elekes is the son of Mihai Elekes, composer and the founder of the ‘Radio Romania Actualitati’ (Romanian radio news channel). At the age 6 Liviu starts playing the violin and soon after, he found the love for percussion instruments and piano. After graduating the Music high school ‘George Enescu’ his music career switches to Theatre as he was fascinated by Musicals and Film Music. So, he became to be an expert on both and a remarkable music director both in Romania and abroad.


Film music is the most recent activity happening in his studio working closely with Igor Cobileanski on ‘Afacerea Est’ (Eastern Business),

with Cezar Ghioca on’ Al dumneavoastra Orson Wells’ (The Eyes on Orson Welles), Anca Berlogea, Tiberiu Rotarescu and many more. He wrote and he has collaborated with several Pop musicians such as Alexandra Ungureanu, Pops, Marcel Pavel, Marcian Petrescu, Leo Iorga, Dalma and Tania Popa. He also was acknowledged, 4 times in a row, as being the finalist’s composer at Eurovision. He is always searching for new challenges and projects such as this one, ECHOES.


Claudiu Danaila  (Dante)


The winner of many music competitions, known through his international and national collaborations, Dante managed to impress the music world within 3 months by hitting number 1 in the charts in dozens of countries.

He collaborated with artist such as Steve Banerjee (Madonna’s producer), MisterZ (formerly known as Luky Man Project), Randi, Tony Ray, Sammo Severioano, The Band – Atelierul de Muzica (the Music Workshop) and ECHOES. The last brought him the fame and the success that he currently enjoys.


Catalin Fotin


Base guitar and voice, he started his career in 2000 with several collaborations with bands within South Korea, America and Israel. These all ended in 2005 when he became a member of the band Krypton that he was a part of for almost seven years. Currently he is part of the project ECHOES.


George Trif  (Trif)


Even as a child he was always surrounded by music and started to learn guitar at a very early age having famous teachers such as Cristi Vasoi, Mihai Susma, Marius Pop. Even though he successfully graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering within the Politehnica University of Bucharest and the Music School from Galati, it is his belief that music and engineer work hand in hand. His current focus is on his musical goal of being the most wanted session musician. He is known to have had partnerships with Romanian pop artists such as Arilena Ara, INNA, Raluka, Elena Gheorghe, Mark Stam, Irina Rimes, Ana Baniciu, Nicoleta Nuca, Alexandra Stan, Liviu Teodorescu, Mira, Andi Banica, Vescan, Karmen, Keo, Minelli, Mario Fresh, Vanotek, Marfar and many others. He is successful due to his great talent, hard work and taking things seriously.


Zmau Nicolae Laurentiu (Zmau)


He has a master’s degree from the National University of Music Bucharest where he specialised on ‘jazz and the culture of pop music’. He also attended workshops with Bruce Cox, Derrek Phillips, Michael Grinner, Ralph Peterson and Owen Hart Jr. Zmau has an impressive music career being associated with famous musicians such as Mircea Tiberian, Pedro Negrescu, Marius Pop, Garbis Dedeian, Capriel Dedeian, Nicolas Simion, Marius Vernescu, Puiu Pascu, Sorin Terinte, Anca Parghel, Urziceanu, Sistem, Loredana, Emanuel, Platonic Band (Taverna show) the band from the Romanian show Dancing with the Stars, Analia Selis Band, Stefan Banica Jr. Band, Vama Veche, Horia Brenciu, Connect R, Smiley and many others.


We can say that we have the best drummer in Romania.